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Parent-to-parent: Noreen’s book helps other parents support their children

Your book “Look Listen Love” has the subtitle “A Parent & Child’s Guide to Emotional Freedom Tapping”. What is that, Noreen?
“Tapping, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a stress relief technique, which combines the principles of acupressure with talk therapy. It’s an evidence-based self awareness tool that works quickly and effectively for phobias, anxiety, depression, pain, and many other conditions.”

How does it work?
“The client is guided to bring a feeling of unease to the surface while gently tapping on nine meridian points on the face and hands.”

What’s the best way to use the book?
“The book is interactive and I recommend children and adults to fill in the blanks together. Every time a parent sits with their child and fills in the book, they tell me they had no idea their child felt that way about something and that the book provided space to discuss and look at that issue. They were grateful to have had a chance to offer support to their child. The word searches are playful and children love them and one tip I have for them is to ask your child the rating number for each of those feelings from 0-10, and pencil the answers on the side or over the feelings. This is actually one of the most insightful methods of understanding another person, and I use it in my practice frequently. It can be repeated in the future so you can clearly track the emotional progress of the individual. I have marketed this as a children’s book, but honestly it’s a great tool for anyone!”

How did you learn about tapping?
“I found EFT when I was attempting to get my horse trailer driving license. During my first test, despite being prepared, I panicked and forgot how to park and I failed the test. I knew how to drive but my nerves around the testing made it feel impossible to pass. I had just heard about tapping and went home and googled ‘tapping for drivers test’ and found many videos on YouTube! The next testing date arrived and I felt much more relaxed in my head and my stomach - that’s where I felt the anxiety - but suddenly my legs started shaking! So I quickly tapped on that feeling in my legs and within one minute, I was ready and I passed the test! That was the start. I needed to know more, and off I went to be certified as an EFT practitioner in the UK.”

How did you get the idea for the book?
“I came up with the idea for the book because I have a never-ending desire to simplify everything and this is an important life skill I feel everyone should know. I know everyone can learn this if it’s presented in the simplest manner. I found that the children I work with weren’t always captured by tapping alone but when I brought animals’ feelings into it they found it much more applicable and started to use it more. So I thought, ok then, the animals can teach them three easy steps. The first step is ‘look’, to look at the feeling that needs love, like sad, mad, nervous, and so on. The second step is ‘listen’, to listen to where in your body that feeling is. The third step is ‘love’, to love and accept yourself without judgement.”

Sounds easy when you explain it that way. Where can I buy the book?
“You can purchase the book in Denmark at Books & Company in Hellerup, at
Soul Books in Copenhagen and online.