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Happy Earth Day! And congrats to our Earth Helpers!

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to pick up litter and clean the Earth? Let’s give a big hand of applause to Amane, who picked up the highest number of thrown-away things, an astonishing 392 pieces of trash, and Federico, who lifted the heaviest load of litter, 3.8 kilograms, off the surface of the Earth! If we’d had another 22 'Trash Hero of the Year 2021' t-shirts, we would have given one to each and every one of the 24 primary school students who took part in last week’s nationwide litter collection. Altogether, our Earth Helpers managed to pick up 1,954 cigarette butts, 1,171 pieces of plastic, 173 face masks, packaging from 148 take-away meals, and 106 cans. A big thank you to all of you!