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Student article: “Grade 5 Exhibition is a great opportunity to learn different things.”

“The exhibition has been very fun, educational and has shown our organization skills through the process. Not only that, but it has also established our collaboration and time management skills. We all named our exhibition group like for example: Over the covid limit or maybe M.A.R.C.H for the trees or maybe Hunger Inquirers.

In this exhibition we had the choice of making different types of ways to present our final project like for example, making a poster, a video, a model made of clay or lego, and many more. Many people chose to make Google Slides for this. We have mentors to help us discuss and work our way through the exhibition. The mentors also give us tips to improve our exhibition. Personally, our mentor is great.

For the final project, we will also have to make a bit of the project about the subject we chose in Denmark about what they are doing with the exhibition topic. Which is where we are located. For the Danish part, we have a Danish teacher helping us, and for the English part, we have another teacher from whichever country. We have one mentor for each part of the project. This is a great opportunity to learn different things.”

This article is written by Anna, Aksah and Julia. The Exhibition will be held on 4-5th May and links will be sent out for families to view virtually and to the rest of the school.