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Manifesto in Danish: Prioritizing the reader or the message?

Are you good at translating, Esra?
“I don’t know. Sometimes I ask myself if I want a clean translation or if I’m trying to capture the target language or the culture. Does the translation make sense for the receiver in the target language? We have to ask ourselves who or what we have in our minds, the reader or the message? Of course, both are important, but how do we prioritize, what’s the message we’re trying to send? So, it can be difficult to find equivalent words in Danish without it sounding way too formal. For example, you can literally translate ‘feels a sense of belonging’ to ‘føler en form for tilknytning’, but that sounds formal and not very strong, whereas ‘føler sig hjemme’ sounds much better and warmer, even if it literally means ‘feels at home’. So you always have to make a choice when you translate.”

I think we should choose what sounds right in Danish, with the Danish reader in mind.
“OK. Let’s do that then.”

A big thank you to Esra, Danish Teacher in Primary School, for translating our manifesto into Danish.

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