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Student article: Nitya interviews Darina about Russia

“There are a lot of misconceptions about Russia. There is one about us being massively in love with ‘tri poloski’, the three stripes of Adidas tracksuits, which actually I rarely see, especially in the city,” says Darina. “I honestly didn't even know about this Adidas thing before I came to Denmark. I found out when people from different countries started asking me about it. But, Adidas wasn't that big of a brand in Russia and not everyone would wear it.”

“Hard bass is also a very big misconception. People think that I must be familiar with this kind of music. Of course hard bass originated from Russia but it is not as popular as everyone thinks of it to be.”

“A concept that can be frustrating about Russia is everything about alcohol consumption. When people come to my house, they ask questions like, 'Oh you must have vodka?' 'How much do Russians actually drink?' That's just the thing that always gets us. It's quite annoying because yes we have alcohol, but so do other households and countries.”

What is something you really like about Russia or Russians in general?
“I think Russians are really high spirited, and are quite open and nice to be around. I love talking in Russian to Russian people. I find it really fun and comfortable and I miss that.”

“Russia is also a very big country. So there's nothing that you can not find in Russia. There's everything from beaches to volcanoes. And in daily life, you can find every kind of doctor, any type of school, any type of education. There are so many lakes and just so many beautiful things in Russia. I also find it amazing how on one end of Russia, the weather can be under -20℃ while on the other and it can be over 20℃. There are even many different accents in Russia.”

“We also have many traditions in Russia. When everyone else celebrates new years on the 1st of January, we celebrate it much later, I believe the 14th of January. We also celebrate Christmas later, on the 7th of Jan. But since we are not in Russia, we don’t celebrate these holidays on the later days. I feel like our Russian traditions in my family also died down. We only celebrate the festivals when we are in Russia.”

Darina and Nitya are both in Grade 8. And yes, Darina's handstand took place in Russia. Nitya is our Middle School reporter.

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