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Nitya interviews Ebba about the Dominican Republic

“When people ask me where I'm from and I reply with the Dominican Republic, a lot of people don't know where that is; even though the country is not that small. Since many people don’t know about the Dominican Republic, they start to compare it with other countries. In most cases, people ask me, 'Is that Haiti?' or 'Is that in Haiti?' I obviously say no, but everyone keeps comparing them like it's the same country, when in fact they're two very different countries. People also think many of the Spanish dishes are from the Dominican Republic. I find these random assumptions to be a little annoying.”

What do you like about the Dominican Republic?
“I have to say that people here are very friendly, and very teenager-like. I say teenager-like for a reason. Right now because of Corona, there are curfews. Basically, everything is open except you have to be home by 7:00 pm. One thing you need to know about individuals here is that they absolutely love to throw parties and even right now they still throw parties. Of course, it's illegal, but it shows how much they miss it and they can't be without each other.”
“I even think that there is really beautiful nature here. The beaches are as well so gorgeous. I spend a lot of time on them.”
“Also, every single when I'm here I stay with my grandparents, and we eat something called ‘Arroz con Habichuela’. This is basically rice and beans. We eat that every single lunch with something called ‘Platanos’, which are there not quite bananas, but plantains.”

Do you have festivals you celebrate in the Dominican Republic?
“There are festivals actually. We have one which is on our Independence Day and is Carnival. So, on the 27th of February, there is a carnival where everybody dresses up totally crazy and people come in these kinds of like mascots that I think are totally crazy. I mean, they can be kind of scary, but they're supposed to be festive so I take it as fun.”

Ebba was interviewed by her friend, Middle School reporter Nitya Khandelwal.

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