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Happy Choti Holi! Read Yamini’s article about Holi

"The festival of colors, Holi, is one of India's most joyous festivals. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil, and the beginning of spring. As plants grow and flowers bloom after a long winter, the manifestation of God in nature is celebrated. Like any festival, it also has many legends attached to it. It is said that when demoness Holika tried to kill Prahalad, devotee of Vishnu, in a fire, Lord Vishnu saved him while Holika got killed. The name Holi is actually derived from Holika. Holi is also a celebration of Krishna and Radha's love.

On Holi Choti, the day before Holi, people have a bonfire, where sometimes an effigy of Holika is set to fire, Holika Dahan. People also put some of their harvest, which is usually corn in the fire, to show their gratitude to gods, and offer their prayers. The next day, people gather to apply colours to each other and play with colored water. They gather on the streets and in communities in groups, and have fun throwing colors on each other and no one is spared. The fun and frolic goes on till people get exhausted. This bonds everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs. In the afternoon and evening, people exchange sweets, the special sweet of the season being Gujiy, a dumpling filled with milk solids. Holi is a festival which spreads feelings of love and brotherhood."

This article was written by High School student reporter Yamini. In the photo, you can see her aunt with her friends who kindly shared this photo with us. Thank you for sharing, dear Yamini and Auntie!