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9th grader Tomas on Slovakia: Meet the Carpathians

“One of the most common misconceptions people have about Slovakia is that they often confuse Slovakia with Slovenia. The other misconception is that we understand every Slavic language. We don’t, they are not the same. But yes, we understand Czech, although we do not speak it.”

“Slovakia has continental weather - hot summers and cold winters. I like that very much. Even if it’s a landlocked country, there are many water activities. We like to go river kayaking. Slovakia has many mountains. A fun fact is that 290 km or 17% of the Carpathian mountains run through Slovakia. Another fun fact is that the number one holiday occupation in Slovakia is skiing.”

Is there something about Slovakia you’re proud of?
“Slovakia has also a long history of successful ice hockey players. Many of them have played in the NHL, and the Slovak ice hockey team won a gold medal at the World Championship in the past. I have to say, they are not so good these last couple of years. But ice hockey is very popular in Slovakia.”

Anything else we should know about?
”In Slovakia, people value traditions and customs and I am proud of that. Christmas is the biggest holiday and is also my favourite.”

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