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Kindergarten: Hands-on learning about character traits and personalities

“My character is called Ella and she is happy and does the right thing,” explains Ella, while Emily says, “Mine is a cat and its name is Nuna and likes having fun and lives with all its friends and also it’s just a normal cat and has short whiskers.” Alexa adds, “My characters are me, my sister Anna, my mum, my dad. They are principled: they do the right thing.” Finally, Elliot’s characters “are brave and loyal and they are also principled and when somebody is in trouble they come to the rescue and if someone is in the building with a fire they go in and rescue them.”

Did you stumble over the word "principled" coming from a kindergartener? Based on their prior learning of traditional stories, students learn about and give their characters traits and personalities in keeping with our school values.