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Beyond meatballs: Nitya interviews Ebba about Sweden

Is there a misconception about Sweden? Stupid questions people ask that particularly annoys you?
“Well, there isn't really a misconception about Sweden or anything, but a stupid question that most people say is if every Swedish person eats meatballs, which is really annoying because, you know, we eat regular food like everyone else. There is also, that almost everyone from Sweden owns something from IKEA. To be honest, this is more or less true, but it can still not be completely true.”
“Sweden has this thing called Midsummer, and it's in the middle of summer if one couldn’t interpret it. So on that day, we all have a huge party --with sometimes random people who just come-- and this party stays till the next day. In Midsummer, people stay over at your house and it think it is really fun. Most people don't know about it,” Ebba talks about. “We also have this really big skiing tournament and I think us Swedes are really skilled in that.”
“Something surprising in Sweden is that there are really nice water parks which are inside houses. There are also two big amusement parks in Sweden, where one is very international and the other is more Swedish.”
What food do you like from Sweden?
“There is something called a Princess Cake. It is this traditional cake from the late hundreds that were made for our princess, and now it's really famous. I think it can be disgusting, but everyone eats it and it is really popular in Sweden. Then of course there are also things like cinnamon buns, waffles, shrimp cakes, hot dogs, and more.”

Ebba was interviewed by Middle School reporter Nitya Khandelwal. Thank you, Nitya and Ebba!