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3rd-graders: Havets Moder (The Mother of the Sea)

“The Mother of the Sea is a myth from Greenland,” explains Clara. “It is about a man called Angakok who travels to the spirit world because the people of Greenland took too many fish out of the sea and polluted the sea. Once he got to the spirit world he met ‘Havets Moder’ who told Angakok that her hair was dirty with pollution and fish. He cleaned her hair and freed the fish and she said to Angakok to go back and tell the people to not pollute the sea and only fish what they needed.”

In the photo, you can see students acting out the myth in Danish class, using drama to retell the story.

They started exploring a different Danish myth, the myth of how the Danish flag Dannebrog allegedly fell from the sky.. Students explored a different creative medium to retell the story - from picture books to cartoon strips.