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Meet Toni, Physical & Health Education teacher in Middle School

What brought you to Denmark?
"I left New Zealand in January of 1991 after putting my teaching job on hold for a year so I could see the world. I had a return ticket and fully intended to be back in New Zealand but fate had a totally different plan and threw a curve ball at me in the form of a wonderful Danish man called Claus. I started working at CIS part-time in January of 1994."

How did you end up teaching?
"Teaching was definitely a calling for me and I remember knowing from a very early age that I wanted to be a teacher. I have tried other things over time just to see if there was something else out there that I would like to do, but I have always gravitated back to teaching. I think teaching can be equally as rewarding as it can be frustrating. Just when you think you are making headway with a student they put the brakes on and take two steps back. Working with kids is totally unpredictable: sometimes you think you have heard or seen it all then something pops up out of nowhere and surprises you. Having said all that, it is the unpredictability and the individuality of every student that makes teaching such an amazing career. Every day is different and no lesson is the same. I believe teaching keeps you young of mind, it encourages you to be a life-long learner and I think it makes me a better person."

That’s a long time! What is your best experience so far?
"A tough question. I have been teaching for more than 30 years and there are so many fond memories. I think perhaps, if I should pick one from the many, it would be around coaching. Last year, I had a pretty amazing U14 girls basketball team. Amazing not just because they were a talented group of individuals but also because they were such a strong and supportive team. During the tournament one of the members of the team got badly injured in a freak accident, oddly in the hotel in the evening, not on the court. The next day we had to play two games without her, knowing she was incredibly sad and dejected back at the hotel. Each time we played a game we played it for her and each time we played the team just got stronger and stronger. We ended up in the finals on the last day though sadly that was the only game we just couldn't win. I think emotionally the girls were just exhausted and they could not get their heads into the game. Their final had probably been the day before when they played and beat the Hague."