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Basta with pasta! Nitya interviews Sophie about Italy

“There are many stupid assumptions people make about Italian people, for example, people think that I will have an Italian accent even when I speak English, or that when I talk I will use my hands a lot, or that when I speak Italian, I will swing my voice all the time. I don’t think that’s very true,” Sophie says as she begins the interview. “Sometimes if they say something that I find very rude I’m most probably going to get annoyed but if they are making these assumptions without knowing and without being rude at all, I usually correct them politely.”

Is there something you wish everybody knew about your country?
“I think that when the majority of people think about Italy or Italian food, some of the only things that come to their mind are things like pizza and pasta. This is not correct. I want more people to know that there are more varieties of Italian dishes for example risotto, tortellini, lasagna, and more dishes like that. I think we are most known for pizza and pasta but there are other things that we should be known for.”

What about you? What do you think about Italy?
“I think the country Italy itself is really beautiful. Of course, there are more known places like Rome and Milan but I think there are also more beautiful cities which aren’t too popular. For example Verona, which is known as the romantic city since Romeo and Juliet was based here. There is also Sardinia which has beautiful beaches since it is an island and Bari is popular for its culture and beaches. There is also a nice tradition that almost every family does in Italy on Christmas. We eat Pandoro which is a sweet bread or cake and it is very popular. It is extremely good and I really like it.”

This interview was brought to you by Middle School student reporter Nitya Khandelwal who interviewed Sophie. And yes, it IS the leaning tower of Pisa you can see in the background.

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