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Want to meet our new math teacher David (and maybe do live online yoga)?

“There's the word expat, but then there's also the word repat, when you go back to your home country, and in a sense, that’s my case. My mum is Danish, but I was born and grew up in Belgium. I've got lots of family in Denmark, I've always visited throughout my childhood, and I've always kind of wondered what it would be like to live here. I've got one sister who moved here 10 years ago when she met a Danish guy, and now they've got kids and are married. My other sister moved here over 2 years ago, so there's something happening in the family, people are kind of gravitating towards Denmark. I spent my formative years in Belgium and I went to the European School. It was a lovely experience, quite international, a little bit like CIS except without the amazing facilities. As a teenager I moved across to the UK. In my twenties, I moved overseas and had different stations as a teacher. My first job was in the Emirates, and then I spent four years in Spain. After Spain, I did a year in Guatemala and a year in China, and then the pandemic happened, so it seemed a good idea to come to Copenhagen.”

You're teaching Sciences in Middle School, right?
“Close and close: I teach maths in high school, but some of them are MYP students. I am trained to teach all of secondary, so from 12 to 18. When they're younger, it’s more about developing really good relationships and getting them to enjoy the process of learning. As they grow older, it's a lot more about subject knowledge that you pass on. I enjoy the technical side of maths. The nice thing about teaching is you get to connect with a lot of people all the time. That's what I love.”

How do you connect with people now?
“I like to go for walks because my sister has kids, and at the weekend, we’ll spend a couple of hours at a playground. That's often the highlight of my weekend. We often bring a thermos and kind of stretch it for as long as we can until you feel like your fingers are going to drop off and you have to retreat back to the glum indoors.”

What about Covid-safe indoor hobbies?
“I'm really into podcasts. The people who do podcasts have obviously been as psychologically affected like the rest of us, and a lot of them see that they kind of have a social responsibility to produce a lot of content, since people are obviously at home and have a lot of time to listen. I like the ones that are scripted as well as the ones that are more conversational. I just want to learn something new and that's what podcasts are for.”

Do you have any Covid-safe hobbies you'd like to share with people from our community?
“I found a yoga class that I really liked before we went into lockdown, and then the teacher started up online classes. She sets it up so that we all join on a zoom call, and we all just do it from our living room. The alternative to that is finding a video on YouTube, but it's nice to do a live thing with real people, just like a stage production is very different from watching a film. It’s more immersive if you can't just go back 15 seconds and listen again, you've got to be present the whole time. It's a small group and she's looking to expand so if other people are interested, I'm happy to share the details.”

Sounds like you’re OK with people from our community wanting to do yoga with you?
“Sure. They can check out the classes here: www.isabellamagnoni.com."