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Student article: 5th-grader Elliot and Dad take over class 5C.

"Hi, I am Elliot and I am sad because recently the school has been locked down for a long time so we couldn't go to school, not even sports. Normally, I go kayaking once a week and athletics once a week too. But even my sports have been closed down along with school, but it is still important to work out. In my class every morning we always do this little warm-up. So usually we would follow a video that says what we need to do. It would say we need to do push-ups, stuff like that. Then one morning I asked my teacher, Mr. Watkins, if I could do the warm-up for the morning and he said yes. So I chose the workout called ‘Bring Sally Up,’ which is just push-ups and anything that goes up and down and is an exercise.

This workout is based on Moby’s song ‘Flower,’ which is played in the background. But it is not just that, it has a twist. In the song flower, the most of the words are bring Sally up, bring Sally down. Then you Would move up and down to the beat, bring Sally up, bring Sally down with a push-up, or a workout that goes up and down like squats. Not the whole lyrics go “bring Sally up bring Sally down” there is also “last one squat gotta tear the ground”. So sometimes you would have to stay in a plank because it says “last one squat gotta tear the ground” which makes it even harder. After all, you have to wait for it to say bring Sally up.

Back to the beginning, I had just chosen ‘Bring Sally Up’ for the workout. After, I explained the workout to my teacher and classmates. Just when we had started my look at me to see if I was in school. Then I asked him if he wanted to join me and he did. So my dad, Mr. Watkin, my classmates and I did the whole workout. And we were so tired from the workout after. It might not sound hard but it is. Because you need to do 30 push-ups plus the plank breaks. I hope that you would consider doing this workout."