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Live from Sweden: 5th-grade teacher Simon.

“What I love most about teaching? Going along the journey with the students and how they never cease to surprise you.”

What is your most memorable teaching experience?
“A student with autism who joined the class a couple of years ago. He brought so much to the group and was part of an exhibition group looking at the fish that we eat and where it comes from. When staging the Exhibition, the student was so in his element presenting to the groups ranging from 7yrs old to 15 yrs old that came to his groups stand.”

What are your thoughts about remote learning?
“Teaching remotely is never as good as in person. That said, the way that we organize our work through Google Classroom on-campus transfers perfectly to remote teaching. It has been important to create opportunities for students to interact socially and talk about things that are not work-related. One common theme was that any student with a pet wanted to show it to the class.”

How are you coping with lockdown in Sweden?
“Recently I have taken up a couple of new hobbies, I am learning to be the next Swedish Masterchef. I cannot say how well I am doing, you will have to ask my family. As you can see from my photo, I am also learning how to DJ. Music helps me to relax. Apart from that, I like to walk, spend time out in the fresh air and I try to keep in touch with family and friends.”

Thank you Simon, hope to see you back on campus soon.