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Student-to-student: Clodagh introduces us to newcomer Elena, Grade 11

"I am Elena and I'm seventeen years old. I've lived in Italy for my entire life. I was born in Rome but since I was a baby I have been living in Bergamo, a small city near Milan. I really liked living there. As a teenager there were many things to do with my friends, and I would say that I'm a person that really likes company, therefore lockdown bores me even more. I have a big sister that is now in Milan because she attends the university there. I really miss her and I hope she can come here to visit me soon.
I play tennis, more for fun than for competitions and matches. Another thing that I really like doing is travelling around the world, discovering new places and making new experiences!"

What has it been like moving to a new country in the middle of a pandemic?
"It is the first time that I have moved to a new country and the lockdown doesn't make it any easier, but I'll give myself time. It's been a week now and I feel that I'm getting familiar with the school system and the classes I take, even if we're currently doing online school. I'm kind of looking forward to finally going to school (physically) and meeting my new school mates! So far I have explored Denmark by going on some walks with my parents in the surroundings. I have seen very nice landscapes thanks to the sunny weather, despite the fact that I'm not used to such a cold climate."

Have you discovered any COVID safe hobbies both indoor and outdoor, what are they?
"In Italy we have been in lockdown for much longer than Denmark, so I had time to discover some hobbies to do in my freetime, for example drawing, even if I'm not that good, it distracts me just as listening to music does. I even tried to workout during the lockdown but needless to say that I didn't even last a week.
Another thing that I started doing in COVID times is cooking: I tried so many recipes and some of them came out really yummy!
In general, since we were locked in the house I had plenty of time to try things that maybe in normal times I wouldn't have had time to do!"

High school student reporter Clodagh Cunningham reached out to newcomer Elena. As you can see in the photo, there's a great spot for Elena in our canteen just below the Italian flag, once we're all back on campus.