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Parent expat expertise: Noreen’s tips on outwear, cyclists and rugbrød

How do you settle in well? We asked Noreen, a parent in our community who has lived in Denmark for many years, and here are her tips:
1. DO get over the price tag hurdle for waterproof kids outwear. Danish outer wear jackets, pants, and snowsuits are quite pricey but keep your children dry and warm in the most severe weather. Gore-Tex should be in everyone's closet! (Yes, adults wear snowsuits, too!)
2. DO add Danish rugbrød into your kitchen! Try toasting it and you may never eat a slice of white bread again!
3. DO join English speaking clubs and communities (during Corona on social media) to stay connected to people in a similar situation.
4. DON'T ever open your car door (or turn right) without looking for cyclists! They often come out of nowhere!
5. DANISH FUN FACT: There are more pigs than people in Denmark.
6. DANISH FUN FACT: Lego is short for "leg godt" which means "play well"
Do you have other great tips for new families? Or are you new to our community and find it difficult to settle in during lockdown and winter? Don't hesitate to get in touch with the PTA or Head of Community Relations Ida - we're here to help!