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Student article: High school student’s personal project, creating a song

"Music in 2020 spans across many cultures, opinions, and emotions, yet it demonstrates the building blocks and extents of human creativity.

Music to me is an escape, a way to stop time and focus on the enjoyment of listening to or playing a song. Whether in times of stress, relaxation, or chaos, I will usually listen to music throughout these moments. I’ve grown up in a household that constantly has music playing in the background of everything, meaning I have been exposed to many types of musical expression and genres.

This is why, for my Personal Project, I decided to create a song, specifically on loss. I chose loss as a topic as I believe it's an extremely touchy and emotional subject, which could be simplified and expressed easily through the media of music. I’ve always taken a liking to the lyrical brilliance of artists, and how clever some of them can be with simple one-liners, metaphors and more. So I wanted to focus the listener’s attention to the lyrics and their meaning, and this left me with lyrics that expressed emotion and the pain of losing someone.

I learnt many, many things during my creation of my project song, ‘Little Robin’. My main takeaways from this process and creation were the efforts of making everything sounds just right. This included the compositional part, but I mainly focused on the lyrical part, as I needed it to fit my theme and convey it in an emotional and expressive way. Another takeaway was the pressure of not being able to come up with anything to write or think of. There were times during the project where I just couldn’t sit down and write or record anything, nothing worked and no progress was being made. During these times I learnt to step back, take a look at what I have done and decide if I wanted to continue with what I have, or if I should overhaul it and try again. This happened a few times with my lyric writing as I went through multiple copies of lyrics before concocting what I thought suited my song.

Music within education, I believe, is extremely important in the expansion and blossoming of student creativity. Music can help someone within school see their true creativity, and maybe that student doesn’t take an interest in music, but then may try another creative activity based on their success in music, and then find it to be their most enjoyable hobby and possibly career. Music is also proved to help students with improved craftsmanship of work, students who tend to take musical lessons at a young age, check their work more regularly than other students according to the National Association for Musical Education. Overall, music within education can help with productivity, expression and entertainment of students within an academic system.

To conclude, I would like to say a last remark in regards to inspiring people to take up music as a class, hobby and possibly a future. In music, the sky's the limit. There is no one who can tell you what to write like or play like, that is completely up to you. Originality is key within music, and no two people can possibly be the same person. Even if you don’t have a background in music or don’t consider yourself ‘musical’, there should always be that one moment that you have decided ‘no that's not for me’, which is completely fine in itself, but I urge you, if you haven’t, to try it. You may have a hidden talent or just enjoy playing an instrument; both cases can set you up very well for further education with that instrument or area of music."

This article and personal project were brought to you by Finn Lawless