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Want to welcome our new Danish teacher Mette R. with a walk in the woods?

“Before I came to CIS, I worked 4 years at another Danish IB school in the DP department as a ToK teacher and a Danish B teacher. Before that, I worked at a High School in Houston and before that I was actually at CIS for three years.”

I’m sorry, I thought you were a Middle School teacher?
“My background is High School, but I've done PYP, MYP and DP. When I joined CIS, I was in PYP, because my three daughters were all in Primary School, so I had the same hours as them. But when I got back to Denmark in 2016, I got the opportunity to work in Middle School and then DP and now Middle School again. I like teaching Middle School students because they're more independent and more enquiring and they're still very open to gaining new knowledge. They’re curious, I like that.”

When do you really enjoy teaching?
“I really like it when I've created a task and I can see my students take it on, take ownership and do it themselves and when I see that they develop their own skills independently. For example, I was teaching my students about the history of Denmark and how castles in Denmark represent different times, periods and structure of the country, and after I'd modeled it, I asked them to choose their own favourite Danish castle and create a presentation about that. And they really took it on! They were so engaged in finding a castle that meant something to them and developing the presentation.”

That sounds like it could work well during remote learning, too?

What about in your private life during lockdown - what do you do?
“I play the piano and I love to read books, watch movies and play WordFeud. Way back when I lived in Mexico, I was part of a book club, but right now, I read a lot of philosophy, epistemology and philosophy of language, so I haven't found a book club for that [laughs]. I'm into the different aspects of understanding language.”

Do you do anything outdoors during lockdown?
“Right now, it's a little too cold to go ocean kayaking, but otherwise I would do that. During remote learning, I walk or run 5km with my dog every day, either in my lunch break or after work.”

Would you want somebody from our community to join you on your dog walks?
“Definitely! I would love to have company on my walks. It’s in Lave Skov between Nivå and Humlebæk.”

Should I write that in the article?
“Yes, please do.”

Yes, members of our community can look up Mette R. on Veracross and get in touch if they want to join her and her dog for a walk in Lave Skov