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Tips from High School athlete Tyler on how to stay healthy during lockdown

"The first thing I do in the morning is stretching. Stretching is very important to make sure your body stays in shape. I make sure I stretch out all my muscles first
thing in the morning.

During these times, we can often feel stressed out and worry a lot about school or anything in general. I make sure to meditate every single day, keeping my composure and calmness throughout the day. It is important to stay in the moment and take the time to train your mind daily.

As student athletes, it is vital to make sure to get your school work done. There is a reason why students come before the athlete. Education is the first priority so I make sure I get my school work done before anything else.

Everything I eat is healthy, I don’t have processed foods or sugar or soda. Also drinking water is very important. I also take 1 hour out of my day to study film. I try to learn from the best and look at the tiny details so I can better my game."