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Alice shares a memory through art: “It’s still a nice story in a way.”

“I was in the hospital when I was four. I still remember it, like the night sky and I was lying on the bed. These are some gifts, like the horses. I was really into horses back then. I would collect anything that looked interesting to me, like the boxes here. Here’s the bed, that’s where I’d usually stay and look outside the window. And then there’s the background on top, that is the sky. I remember one time my mom and I saw the night sky with all the stars. It would inspire me. I used the bandages to try to represent the hospital. The [wrappers with quotes] are from the chocolates that my mom would give me. I would like the chocolates, too, but I would love to keep [the wrappers] and when I was bored I would read them.”

You could read at the age of four?
“My mom would always help me a lot.”

It’s a very powerful artwork. And very personal.
“It’s just a memory or an experience that I had, something I can look back to and remember that I am lucky and I am thankful. I like to share it because it’s still a nice story in a way.”

Alice is from Italy. She was born in Denmark, then moved to Italy, to Saudi Arabia and then back in Denmark.