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Robert’s assemblage contains all his favorite things

“These are all items from my childhood. I chose them because they are all items I have grown up with and they all represent me. Some of the coins are from countries I have gone on holidays to. Mindcraft is my favorite game. The Lego men are there because I have always loved playing with Lego; it was the first toy I ever got. And I just love antiques, that’s why I have all these weird trinkets. I like how antiques tell a story, how they tell about the past. I always liked history and usually something will reflect its own history, for example a coin from the war era might be made of aluminum. Or the binoculars will be worn where they were held. The penguin is a badge that my grandpa got, I don’t know entirely what he did but somehow, he got it.”

So, what does that tell us about you?
“It talks about all my favorite things and it also shows the more creative side of me, the way I have just randomly put stuff together. I am not entirely sure why I put them together in this way but it felt like that was how they were supposed to go together. For example, the Lego man is looking into the binoculars, because that’s what binoculars are for.”

What’s with the policeman inside what looks like a cage?
“It reminded me of a hamster wheel.”

Robert was born in Ireland and has lived in Geneva, Copenhagen and Ireland.