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Bron’s assemblage is titled “Me”

“I am from England although I haven’t lived in England at all. I lived for France for 10 years before we moved here. I titled my suitcase Me, because these are all objects I find in some way are important to me. In the bottom, I have a cricket ball, a tennis ball, and a shuttle cock, and those are my favorite sports to play. Even though tennis isn’t my absolute favorite sport, I find it enjoyable to play, and I think the tennis net represents sports well because it’s easily recognizable. I put some tea in the other side because tea is my absolute favorite drink, I drink at least two cups a day. It has to be Yorkshire tea, though. The books are both called Horrible Science, they are some of my favorite books. I really like science and to know how things work. On the top, I have some of the DS game cartridges, even though I don’t play on the DS anymore. These represent gaming and I still do it all the time, it’s my absolute favorite hobby.”

So, what does it tell me about you?
“I think it kind of shows the two sides of me, that I like sports, I also like being lazy, reading and gaming. I am not so sure about the tea,” he adds, “it’s just my favorite drink.”