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Filip’s grand tour in a suitcase

"I am Danish. I just moved back from Hamburg. Before that I was in Poland for eight years, and before that in Denmark. Five years ago, when I was 10, we took an 8-week trip to the USA. We went around Grand Canyon, Yosemite, almost all of Texas, and there was a whole lot of things that I saw that I will never forget: It was a different culture, different people. There are some objects in here that represent different places I’ve been. If I look at them, I can remember the exact spot where I bought it or found it."

What does it tell me about you as a person?
"I can see memories even after years. If I see something, I can close my eyes and picture it straight away. I’ve made a road with sand on the sides because we drove for hours and hours through the desert. This is the toy I had with me in the car. And a baseball. I went to my first baseball game. That was the first sport I ever watched and that was really cool. And I remember being at a hotel and we saw some bears around the trash cans, that’s the picture in the background. My mom took that picture."

That’s pretty scary. And a rattlesnake too?
"I was in Grand Canyon. I went to look in the bushes because I was hearing a little rattle, and then there was a rattlesnake, but I didn’t know anything about them, so I wasn’t scared of it, so I was about 30 cm away from it with my hands, almost reaching for it, and then some French tourists pulled me away."

That's very dramatic! What’s the lock and the key about?
"The journey unlocked a whole new world for me. A lot of the things that I think about now or have now come from that trip in the US.”