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Jennifer misses her grandpa and recreates his house

“My name is Jennifer and I am from Thailand and Denmark. My suitcase is my grandpa’s house. He made his house very blue, everything was a hue of either light blue or dark blue. No one else had it and he bragged a lot about it, like 'My house is blue and yours isn’t' and he’d say that all the time. There are also photos of family. I wanted to recreate it because I haven’t seen him for a few years, so I hope maybe this will help me bring a little piece with me. He moved away, but he didn’t say where he moved to, so that was quite emotional for all of us. But I hope this will make it better for me and maybe for my family to get a little bit happier.”

How do you feel if I post this on social media?
“It’s alright. Maybe he sees it.”

Would it be good if he saw it?
“Yes, definitely. Because I have an upcoming confirmation and I hope that he can go.”

Do you have a message for him if he sees it?
“I love you. I really liked your house and I think I might have a blue house too when I grow older.”