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Peer-to-peer sex ed: The topic pregnancy seemed “least awkward”

Why did you choose this subject?
“We thought it sounded the most interesting,” Katja replies. “And the least awkward, I guess.” Franka agrees: “We also didn’t want to do an essay or something where we had to do a lot of writing. We thought making a timeline would make sense with pregnancy.” “We tried to make it simple, instead of using a lot of sciency words,” Katja adds. “I thought it was interesting to research into. I learned a lot about the baby. It’s quite shocking how at the beginning it’s really small and then it grows quite quickly, actually.” “Yes,” Franka adds, “the most interesting part for me was how the baby evolved, like the different stages, how it grew, what organs developed first. But also the changes your body goes through. It’s kind of terrifying, actually. I remember Katja and I were like ‘Do we ever want to get pregnant if that could happen to us?’”

Understandable. Do you like science?
“Yes, science is interesting to me,” Franka says. “You can relate it to actual life,” Katja says. “I like that aspect to it, it’s not all theoretical. Some parts of it are, especially chemistry, but my favorite would be biology because it’s so relatable to everything you see around you. And you can actually use your knowledge which I think is cool.”