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High school students create peer-to-peer sex ed materials

“This unit is called Sex Education, but what it really should be called is Sex and Relationships Education," explains Physical Education teacher Catarina. "Because a lot of the topics we cover are not necessarily about sex in itself, but about the relationships we have with other people, not only romantic relationships, but also friendships."

Their assignment was to create sex ed materials for each other - why?
“I thought it’d be really good for them to create resources, so it becomes more peer-to-peer rather than me explaining everything. Because then it’s more about them and not about me. I try as much as possible to empathize with them and put myself in their shoes. But sex and relationships change when you become an adult, so it just seems like it would work better if you have people who have the same age and maturity talking about it with each other. That’s relatable, whereas it might not be so relatable when it comes from me."

How did it go?
"It went really well. The students were super engaged. It’s definitely a topic they want to talk about; they recognize the importance of it. We did it through remote learning and actually that went really well because the students felt they could address difficult or potentially awkward topics from a very safe and shielded environment and were not exposed. They listened to these podcasts individually at home so they could react however they felt they needed to and nobody could see that. It was very much their own experience. And then, afterwards, they’d have these conversations with the peers. I got really good feedback, which is lovely.”