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Middle Schoolers take a deep dive into observation studies

“I'm making a jellyfish where it is actually an observational drawing,” Rhia says. “We need to observe our picture and use ink to try and recreate it. I chose the jellyfish because it looked easier and also you can use a bit more of the splashy ink.” “I think my picture is an urchin,” Jeremie adds. “I picked it because I thought it would be easy, but I’m wrong.”

“They are making close observation studies of corals and shells which we actually have in class. They are studying the forms, patterns, and textures. The idea is that these observational studies will eventually inform the 3D making process,” explains Art Teacher Fiona. “So they've been working on smaller drawings in their books but I wanted them to be a little bolder and braver and start working a bit bigger. I like the fact that they can explore more mediums. We will be working with inks today. We are going to use actual photographs and then the idea is for the students to have a fun exploration with the inks, but also making sure they are really studying what it is that makes these forms, the structure, and textures.”

“We are using the ink with a pipet to get nice straight lines. If you use water before it then you get a smudgy effect. You can also use the brush,” Gaspard explains about the techniques. “We are really looking at how the image is and trying to reproduce it on the paper. We are using really big paper to draw big and let loose. Sometimes in our art notebook we just tend to stay small.”