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Protoyping WHO-compliant masks in Middle School

“We’re working on face masks and we have to adjust them to the size of our face,” Adriana explains the second phase of the design process. “I'm working on my prototype, it’s the third or fourth one I've made. I'm not happy with how it was before, so I’m trying to change some things to see if it turns out better. The first prototype sizes didn't fit and it looked messy. It's a very fun process because we are the customers and we can make what we want and that's really fun to do.”

“I'm going to add a pocket so I can change the filter,” Surin says. "The bad thing is that the elastic on this side is too big, so I'm going to make a new one.”

“I made several prototypes because at first I was testing out what kind of mask I wanted to make,” Annika comments. “When I found the right one, I just practiced it a couple of times so I knew it would be perfect when I made the final product. I kept in mind how easy it was to wear, how comfortable it was, and how it fit my face. We did an evaluation with the fabrics, testing out which ones we thought were best and we all thought cotton was the best choice.”

“It looks like the surgical mask that you open up,” Malak says about her mask. “This is my final piece so I picked a pretty fabric. I made three or four prototypes. This is my third time doing this mask. I liked this style because it opens up and it looks quite nice.”

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