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Primary School heroes: Goodall, Maathai, Lincoln, Frank …

“I picked Jane Goodall because she's a primatologist and I'm interested in animals,” Guru comments. "She is a hero because she saved the chimpanzees because people were cutting the trees down and she made a speech to not cut down trees.”

“We still haven’t fully identified if these people are heroes to them, or not, but they are historical figures,” Third Grade Teacher Andy explains the class assignment. “What do these people actually do in order to accomplish their goals? We are asking what they have done specifically and focusing on what actions they took. What can the students understand in terms of what kind of people they are as a result of their actions? They are connecting it with character traits. We were finding that there is a big disconnect between expanding their knowledge of different ways to talk about people and their behaviors. 'They are kind, and nice, caring, and good.' Yes, true, but let's start to expand our ability to really articulate what specifically they are. That has been a big push.”

“I'm drawing Wangari Maathai,” Eva says. “I chose her because I'm interested in the environment, and helping it in different ways, and figuring out how to help it, and stuff like that. She's a hero because Kenya was turned into a desert because of deforestation and over farming, so she helped it by planting 51 million trees.” “I'm drawing trees because she planted trees,” Nahom comments. “She helped Africa and didn’t turn Africa into a desert.” "I drew a tree with the roots to show that she planted over 50 million trees.," Karel explains. "She started the Green Belt Movement so I colored more green. She fought for women's rights and for equal pay. She was very courageous and bold.”

“I chose Abraham Lincoln because I'm interested in American politics,” Isak says. “Lincoln and FDR were two of the best presidents ever in the United States. He’s a hero because he stopped slavery and he thought of the good general to lead the union army in the Civil War so they won.”

“I’m drawing Anne Frank,” Luna says. "I'm drawing her apartment. I’m trying to make this apartment look like a book since she wrote in her diary. She managed to be quiet every day.”