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Clodagh interviews Luisa about sustainable transportation. (Yes, you guessed it: Bikes!)

Luisa is a 12th grader, here at CIS and though she is originally from Germany she has spent much of her life right here in Copenhagen so it would only be right for here Geography Extended Essay to involve the city she has grown up in! We asked Luisa some thought provoking questions about her sustainability focused essay...

What was your essay about?
My essay looks at the transportation in Central Copenhagen, focusing on the section of the Copenhagen Sustainability plan for 2025 which looks at Green Mobility. There are six goals within this plan, and I investigated three of them to look into the progress of these goals within a certain district in the city, Østerbro Kommune. I used past reports from Copenhagen, statistics, and I am doing my own research, too. For this, I did a questionnaire for CIS students and residents of Østerbro, and I used a counting method which involved me standing at several crossings and counting the various methods of transport passing by.

Why did you pick that topic?
I mostly cycle around Copenhagen, and of course, I know about the biking culture in Copenhagen which is very very important to Danes. So, I wanted to see how sustainable the actual transportation methods are, and the ways in which Copenhagen encourages people to use sustainable transport.

What was the most surprising or interesting finding?
I think the most surprising aspect was how many CIS students actually take the metro and cycle to school, it is, in most seasons, more than 78%. It is great!

Would this be an area of interest for you in the future?
I didn't choose this topic because it interested me as a future job, but now that I have looked into sustainability in cities, and the entire sustainability plan within Copenhagen, I have actually become quite interested in how Copenhagen is trying to become as sustainable as possible. I don't necessarily want to work with sustainable transport, but I am definitely interested in sustainability and city planning now.

This interview was conducted and written by Clodagh Cunnigham, 12th grade