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Hanukkah explained by 7th-grader Niv

“Hanukkah is the Jewish light festival. About 2000 years ago, the Greeks invaded Judaea. They wanted everyone to believe in their religion, so they destroyed all the oil canisters to light the big menorah in the synagogue. Only one tiny canister of oil was left. It would take 8 days for the canisters to be made and shipped to Jerusalem, so they prayed to God that this tiny canister would last 8 days and then it did."

Was that a miracle?
"Yes. So that's what it's about, it's about celebrating those eight days.”

How do you celebrate in your family?
“l light the menorah. It's lit until the candles go out. It’s like the shabbat: you're not supposed to put the candles out, they just burn down. There's one higher candle and you use that one to light the second one and so forth for the next 8 days. The first day you get one chocolate coin, the second day you get two and so forth. You eat jelly doughnuts and these paddies made of potatoes. We just eat oily food for 8 days, but I think more religious people have a whole ceremony and they go to the synagogue and they say prayers. Every year in Jerusalem, all over the old city they have light shows where they hang lights in different shapes.”