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Kindergarteners learn about Hanukkah and make their own menorahs

“Why is it so special when we celebrate Hanukkah?” one kindergartener asks. “That's a great question,” our special guest answers. “Because we celebrate a miracle and that we can have freedom to celebrate our own religion and not be afraid.” One of our kindergarten mothers visits class to tell the children about Hanukkah and how it’s celebrated. You can hear a pin drop when she is reading a children’s book explaining the story, but afterwards, it gets lively: “Because we love oil so much and it's so important for us, we eat lots of food with oil. Who knows what we cook with oil?” “Pasta!”, Federico immediately exclaims. (Yes, you guessed it: He is Italian). “Scrambled eggs!” “Who likes doughnuts?” our visitor asks. “Me!” Me!” “Me!” One little girl politely raises her hands and waits for a loooong time to ask her most pressing question: “Are we going to eat doughnuts?”