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Remember how Sabrina got an art scholarship?

"I applied for a scholarship at Copenhagen International School to continue my studies mainly due to CIS’ academic excellence and its forward-focus on the arts, but also for the community of students and the campus itself."

Any tips for next year's scholarship applicants?
"Take a deep breath before the interview! Some more practical advice would be to make sure you keep an organised schedule of all the scholarship event dates, like application deadlines and test days. Remember not to underestimate any honours or awards you’ve won when writing your essay, and at the end of the day, be proud of yourself for applying no matter what the results will be."

What has it been like to come here as a new student?
"CIS has an incredibly welcoming environment. The students and staff are so unbelievably friendly and open, making integration as a new student effortless. You’ll have no problem keeping up with the classes despite the challenging curriculum because there’s always someone ready to help if you’re in need. The school also clearly prides itself with how diverse the community is, and it’s a fantastic experience being able to form a connection with people from all around the world. For me, hands down, the best part of CIS has been the people I’ve met in the past month. I’ve made friends I know will last a lifetime, and I already treasure them dearly. The teachers make the classes fun and appealing, which is certainly no easy feat, and the student council is already making sure we’re constantly entertained. The more challenging aspects, for me personally, have been getting used to how fast-paced certain classes are, and the sheer amount of stairs we have to go up to get to class every morning."

Yes, Sabrina got an art scholarship and painted the self-portrait accompanying this post. Interested in finding out more about our scholarships for high school students?