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Student article: Please help Team Peru help others!

We have interviewed Charlotte, our school nurse about how Team Peru started. She has been working with them since the very beginning of their foundation. In 2005, a former CIS teacher with nine students, went to Peru and thought it was very important to help the children in their conditions there. “There is a huge need for these kinds of centres that help developmentally and physically disabled children that would otherwise not receive any help or treatment,” Charlotte says. Luckily, our director and principals in 2006 committed to supporting them continuously.
Team Peru has built the original Mama Cocha Center in Los Oreganos. They hold fundraisers to collect funds to support these children by providing water resources, psychology and physiotherapy help. But due to COVID19 their funds have been cut short when they are in the most crucial need of them. It has been illegal for the children to come to the centre for therapy, so the physiotherapist and the psychologist have to go around to each and every one of the families; which is not only time consuming but also costs a great deal for us because they need more staff. Another addition to staff is a social worker, which goes to each families’ houses to make sure of no abuse.
Curfews have been placed in Peru and because of the curfews, the parents of the children are day laborers creating a more critical need for food and clean water resources. Our social worker brings life boxes containing the most necessary food, diapers and medicine for those families.
To help all of these people Team Peru needs more funds. Most of Team Peru’s normal fundraisers such as little sales, parties/disco, and more community events have been cancelled due to COVID19. Because of this, their funds have been even lower than what they usually got, and unfortunately this is a very critical time where Team Peru and the children in our centre need your help. Team Peru has changed so many lives, and will continue to do so by using your help, so please consider donating.

This interview was conducted and written by Middle School reporter Nitya Khandelwal, 8th Grade