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7th graders use geometry for the benefit of the environment

"We are doing an investigation about the most sustainable packaging and to use as little packaging as possible,’’ says Malak about her group’s work. ‘’Right now, we are trying to find the circumference of the mug. And the whole shape of the whole mug, so we can figure out how much package we need for this,’’ Bryce presents his group’s ideas. ‘’We are measuring all the individual parts and then the diameter of the whole mug, so we don’t waste any paper," Carmen explains.

‘’They have already investigated what packaging Magasin should use to send out the dandy candies during Christmas time, and we have sent the recommendations to the company,’’ adds Math Teacher Paul. ‘’Today we are focusing on what is the least amount of packaging we can use to enclose a coffee cup to put it into a box, and so, how efficient a package can be.’’

Apparently, geometry comes in handy when Christmas is nearby: Which kind of packaging is the cheapest and best for the environment?