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It is not a box, it’s a… How are Early Years’ kids using their imagination?

‘’We are trying to observe the children to see how they use their imagination when they play in the classroom. We are putting different activities out to see how they react and play with those activities,’’ Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Judeth points out. ‘’It is to see how they use their imagination with the equipment, the tools and the toys that we have. We keep observing them and listening to what they are saying, so that it can guide us in the planning for the future for this unit. We are also using different books, like for example this one called 'It’s not a box’. We basically show them a box and get them to use their imagination and say, 'It’s not a box, it’s a…’' and see what they say. So, it is about using their imagination in so many different ways possible with different materials that we put out every day.’’