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We support The Million Tree Project. (And so can you!)

“What we’re focusing on is The Million Tree Project, that's what we're supporting,” says EAL Teacher Daniel, also known as Mr. Green. "If you want to give yourself and your family and the whole world a gift, plant trees because that's a long term investment. The project challenges international schools to support the initiative with a thousand trees each year. They're in the third million trees already, and we are working on contributing our third thousand-tree forest. They've had more success than many other tree-planting projects because they have a lot of volunteers on the ground. They get school students and high school students as well as members from different companies in Shanghai to volunteer.”

That sounds very impressive!
“It is. It started with an idea and a dream. The project began in 2007, when they said let's just shoot for a million, and it seemed like a dream that was completely unattainable. It took them seven years to get to that first million, and then they've been getting more rapidly up to the second and third million trees.”

“Roots & Shoots is a global organisation founded by Dr Jane Goodall as a humanitarian and environmental program for young people, for kids up to university. I learned about it because I worked nine years in Shanghai. When I share the possibility of the million tree project here at our school, people said ‘yeah, we can do that too’, so we had some fundraisers. The Roots & Shoots Shanghai chapter initiated The Million Tree Project, but the trees are being planted in Inner Mongolia in the northern part of China where for decades, unscientific practices laid waste to forests in the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. When they started getting sandstorms in Beijing, they started to replant these forests. The Chinese government is actually the biggest reforester in the world, they've planted billions and billions of trees. They recognise what they need to do do, but they'll never be able to do as much as necessary, and that's why this organisation also contributes a small portion.”

If you'd like to help us help plant our third thousand-tree forest, we would be very grateful for your donation.