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They have a dream: High Schoolers create videos about equity in education

“The assignment was that students should show a connection between sustainable societies and equity in education,” says History & TOK Teacher Olella, addressing the audience at the screening of High School student videos. “They were supposed to draw on what they knew about the Civil Rights Movement in the United States when it came to desegregating schools: Brown vs Board, the Little Rock Nine, Meredith integrating Ol’ Miss, etc. They were to look at historical change and continuity on the matter of inclusion in education by examining educational equity today. There was also a requirement to have a focus on what young people can do in the world. Yes, they could have Gandhi and Martin Luther King, but they also needed to have student activism visibly illustrated in the video, and they also needed to have some kind of visual representation of education at CIS. The video should also be optimistic, it should not be cynical about the future, or the future of education, because otherwise why are we here? We have to believe that the world can progress and get better through increasing access to quality education. Please keep all this in mind when you're evaluating the videos.”