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Magnifique! Silver in French for our Middle Schoolers

“They score points by revising vocabulary," Middle School French teacher Stephen explains. "There is a whole bunch of languages they can choose from, obviously mine are learning French. They click on a category, I suggest to them the ones where they know most of the words already, for example ‘en ville’. They can choose English to French, French to English, French to French - that's when they hear it and they have to write it. Each time they collect a streak of correct answers, they get points. There is an individual total and the school total. This is how we're doing compared to other schools: In the Genius Cup with the top 25 students, we're in the top 20. In the Challenge Cup called Piccolo, we are second. Piccolo is the size of the school, when we compete with a maximum of 150 students taking part. I've got 69 students doing this in French and there's quite a lot in Spanish, so there are probably around 130 students doing this all together. It's great practice. And the EAL students are getting twice as much out of it because they're practicing spelling in English and French. And it's good for typing skills as well. They like the rivalry. Top 3 are all 7th graders. They've done several hours at home.”