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November 20th: Take part in our Trivia Night and support good nutrition in Ghana

“This year we're going to have the Trivia Night on Zoom,” Amy says. “It's a quiz night where you can compete, and the fundraising purpose is to get money for a project in Ghana, The Talented Women's Club, who we've supported for 20 years, which has been formalized; it has had an NGO number for about 15 years. It started as a microcredit initiative with a group of women who work together, and it was very different from the other microcredit initiatives because we didn't make the women pay back if someone defaulted, and we didn't put them in jail. When we started, nobody really knew about micro credits; it was before Muhammad Yunus won the [Nobel Peace] prize. Microcredit has a very bad reputation now because people are abusing it: You get illiterate women to sign things they don't understand and then you come and take the family cow. It's been really bad. Obviously, banks have a profit motive and we don't. We have the original idea inspired by Muhammad Yunus and it really works: You can give people a chance. Especially if you have a group of women who trust each other, not because they want to pay for each other but because they believe in this project. So we did that for some years. In the last two or three years we have also been working with Ghanaian nutritionists. Our idea was to create a teaching model for nutrition in that demographic, where the women are petty traders, who have basically no education, to help them make a healthier meal with the tools that they have. In that period, we also fundraised for a farm, so we have a nice plot of land."

"This Trivia Night will be for nutritional food under the COVID situation; that's what it's about. When the country closed down, people were starving, so we sent them all the money we had left. The other tragedy is that COVID also struck us because we were supposed to have our big fundraising event last year on 13th of March. The lowest we've earned is 11,000 [kroner], and the highest we've earned is 17,000, and that's so fantastic because we keep building on what we have."

You can't make it to the Trivia Night, but you still want to help?
If you'd like to donate to The Talented Women's Club in Ghana, we would be very grateful.