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7th-grader Samuel from Colombia gives his country rave reviews

"Thank you for the opportunity for me to represent my own country. The idea of Colombia being unsafe or insecure is a common misconception. Although it is true that the illegal guerrilla forces such as the FARC and m-19 still exist in Colombia, there are very few places you can go that have had any guerrilla activity in the past 10 years, most of Colombia is safe, beautiful, and amazing, not to mention the talented and expressive people."

"I am proud of everything found and made in my Colombia, from the breathtaking Sierra Nevada mountains, to the tropical and beautiful beaches, we have everything there is to offer from our god given nature. After being somewhere so cold like the mountains, you’ll love to enjoy the extraordinary cuisine that melts in your mouth seen all over Colombia in every shape, type, and texture imaginable, but no matter what you eat you always have to have some classic rice. Colombia is everything you will expect from what I have said, and more."