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5th graders dislike corruption and like Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

“I chose a topic that's really strong. It’s called corruption. I'm doing a blog about Evo Morales, Bolivia's current president. He's really mean and stuff. I am from Poland but my friend is from Bolivia. She taught me a little about it and now both of us are doing the same topic. People should stop corruption because people don't have enough money to survive. People who are rich are so greedy and want even more money so they take it from the people who almost don't have enough. One of the examples of those people is Evo Morales, Bolivia's president.” “He has been in power for 15 years,” Julia’s friend Aksah adds. “He pays people to vote for him and he says to people that he will kill their families if they don't vote for him. My parents actually had the choice to live somewhere near Bolivia but luckily they picked to live in Angola and then we went there and then the big things started happening.”

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions are the elements that make up Sustainable Development Goal number 16.