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One community: 9-year old Luka tells us about Argentina

”Sometimes people say that Argentina uses way too many animals for meat.”

Is it true?
“Yes, they do eat a lot of meat. And beef.”

Do you like meat?
“Not really.”

What food from Argentina do you really like?
“Empanadas! It’s a common food in Argentina. Some people like it with meat inside. My favorite is with ham and cheese. It’s more of a lunch and dinner kind of food. You can also get it in other countries, not just in Argentina; it’s not the national food.”

Tell me some more about Argentina
“In the winter it’s like here, but it can get pretty snowy. In the summer, it’s warm, between 20 and 30 degrees, and the beaches are really nice. My grandparents live there close to the coast. We go mostly when it’s summer. I honestly don’t do much when we’re there, I just relax and take some time off.”

Is that your grandparents’ house?
“Yes. It’s close to the coast. It’s a little town they live in. It’s 400 km from the capital, which is where the airport is. I go there to visit my uncle.”

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