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When mommy was born: 2nd graders explore natural history

“I really liked when we saw the dinosaur bones.” “We saw the triceratops skull.” “I know a lot of things because I read a lot of books about it and watch pictures of people finding dinosaurs. I already knew that one of the dinosaurs had feathers.” “The Jurassic period was 245 million years ago. I know Jurassic, Cretaceous …”

There is some discussion about when the dinosaurs lived: “65 million years ago!” “No, 600 million years ago!” “No, 270 million years ago!” In a quiet moment afterwards, Isabella lets us know: “When my mommy was born there were dinosaurs. Now they’re dead, though." She reflects for a moment: "It was a bit weird that the shortest dinosaur was called Liza and had a very long tail and the biggest dinosaur was called Tristan and had a very short tail.”

“There were a few trees that lived back then … the geeko tree?” Many of the children are fascinated by the ginkgo tree: “There was a tree and it felt almost like it was rubber. It was the oldest tree and it was living back then and it is SO old. If you bend the leaves they don’t break.” “I know it’s not a real leaf. It was the only thing that survived when the meteor was there.” “I saw a meteor rock as well! It was not that big. It didn’t CRASH the planet.”