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Primary School students learn about online respect, responsibility and safety

"Do not use your email account to treat others in a way you would not behave in the classroom," says PYP Coordinator Rachel. "Ask permission before forwarding others' messages. Respect others' time - don't send spam. Your account is yours," she adds, "and you are responsible for how it is used, so don't share your password with others. Only use your account. Each person is responsible for his or her account. Be safe, look after your password and only use your account to communicate with people you trust. Always protect your information online.”

Afterwards, she explains to us why this is taught at such an early age. "This is important in grade 4 and 5 since this is the first time that students will have the use of a laptop on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to be respectful and use the email account to communicate with others in a manner that is appropriate for school." She finds our school's Acceptable Use Policy extremely useful not just for Primary School students, because it "outlines, in writing, how a school expects community members to behave with technology.”