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The hawk hatches II: Nitya finds out how we got our sports mascot

Hawks is the name of our sports teams. However, not many know the background of how the name “Hawks” came about. What is it? Who came up with the name? How did we get a logo?

In order to compete in NECIS, the school needed a mascot, so it was decided to have a school wide competition to see what proposals the students had for the team name. A schoolwide vote was then taken to determine which idea would become our new school mascot. Students from primary all the way up to high school were asked to submit their proposal in writing, they were given words like SPORTY, STRONG, TEAMWORK, AGILE, FAST, HONOURABLE and a few others to motivate them to think of ideas. They sent cute pictures of bumble bees (sting) and butterflies (float) from the little ones. They suggested ideas like dolphins, vikings, bears, and lions.

The ideas were plentiful and the story goes that out of nowhere, one of the senior students who played on our original basketball teams came forward with an old original CIS basketball shirt with HAWKS on it. Apparently CIS teams who played locally against Danish schools used to be called HAWKS back in the day but it had died out as none of the other teams in the Danish league had mascots. The student had rallied together all the original basketball players, who were still a little mad at losing their opportunity to play in the local league, and they proposed and promoted HAWKS schoolwide.
Well, it went to the vote, all of which was done physically on paper as it was pre-Google, and it was a landslide win to CIS HAWKS.

The Hawks logo has been indeed morphed over the years. it started as a hand drawn picture, then there was a design by the printers from Sport Direct our uniform supplier, a past pupil designed a digital version which the program used for a number of years, and there have been four athletic directors over time and each of them have had their own logo normally created by one of the CIS athletes.

For several years Gill and Todor (our athletics coordinators) had been talking about having a mascot so they could celebrate our school and sports events. Last year, the Athletic Office and PTA worked closely on this project and PTA supported this idea with a donation which ensured Hawkins could make his sports debut at CIS. Hawkins is also a regular guest at school assemblies and celebrations.

By Nitya Khandelwal, Middle School student reporter

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