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Middle Schoolers proudly present finalized face masks

“I tried to go for a simple mask. I normally wear glasses so I wanted one that doesn't fog my glasses. I can see and breathe easily in this mask.” “I’m enjoying using the mask I made.” “This project was very successful,” Design Teacher Sameera comments. “They are learning about the design cycle so they need to know that investigation for every project is important. Then they do the planning according to the investigation and they have a plan. They have to use the mask themselves and feel good about it. They are given design specifications and asked to take it home to test it out, wash it. Then we ask what worked, what did you like about it, what would you do differently.”

"We worked on investigation, planning, creation, evaluation. They evaluated their own products and its effectiveness by testing them. I’ve got about five boys in the grade whose parents have bought them sewing machines and one boy is making masks with his mom.” “Yeah, we’ve made two so far. I taught my mom how to make them. The best material to use is a tea towel. If you make two layers it’s easier to breathe and you can keep it on for longer. Three layers work better, but it’s not easy to breathe.”

Did you read about the first design phase, in which the students researched and investigated? And did you read about how they created and evaluated prototypes to improve the final product?