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Off to Oxford: Congratulations to 2020 graduate Johannes Hækkerup

What are you most looking forward to about studying at Oxford University?
"I am most looking forward to all the people I will meet and engage with. It is such a unique opportunity to be surrounded with so many talented and ambitious people, both students and professors. Everyone has a passion for learning, a real desire to push themselves, and I’m very excited to be part of it."

Do you think Copenhagen International School contributed to your success?
"CIS has provided me with the perspective and mindset to look outwards and push myself for the very top. My international education and experience has opened my eyes to all the opportunities that exist, but also to the great amount of work and personal discipline it takes to take those opportunities."

What piece of advice might you give to our current Grade 12s?
"Every ounce of effort you put in now will be rewarded sooner or later down the road. It may be at the end of IB in terms of academic results, but much more often it will be the lessons and experiences you will use later in your lives. If you are struggling to find the motivation to work on a certain assignment, just know that your effort will never be wasted. However small, you will always get something back in the long run."

You have all been through an IB programme - what's the evidence?
"The IB Learner Profile trait I have developed the most is my ability to balance. A lot of the difficulty of the IB comes from the many balls you have to juggle. Your academic life is balanced between different subjects and different assignments. You also have extra-curricular activities on your plate, as well as dealing with the emotional burden that you experience through High School. I had all my academic work, as well as several after-school activities and a sport on the side, which I kept running together without losing control. The key to doing well is to never drop any of these balls, or else everything starts to become much harder on you. Balance between them is essential, not just in IB, but in life. You will always have many things to keep in control, and IB has given me vital experience in doing just this."

Sounds like Johannes is ready for Oxford. We wish him all the best.